kenyattaKenyatta Black is a Philadelphia-based jeweler who offers private showings and custom designs of fine jewelry. If you find jewelry shopping stressful, tedious, and time consuming, you might be in the market for a private jeweler. Sound exclusive? It is, but you may also be surprised to learn that this personal service costs the same, and often less than visiting a chain retail jewelry store. If you’re in search of that something special, he will consult with you on your specifications and budget and hand-pick a selection of pieces from his nationwide network of retailers and wholesalers.

Even if what you have in mind does not  exist, he will collaborate with you on a custom design suited to your taste and budget.

Diamond Engagement Rings

Our rings reveal an elemental beauty symbolized by the radiance of our diamonds and the quality inherent in true craftsmanship.

Our Services

For special services, please call us at 215-987-1901 to make an appointment for in-store consultation services which include custom design jewelry that can be made YOUR way.


Kenyatta Black